Squarespace vs WordPress – What they don’t tell you

Squarespace vs WordPress ? You must be having a hard time deciding where to publish your blog or which site to choose for creating your content. Is it WordPress or Squarespace ? You want your website to look attractive and a stunning platform to show your talent and your creativity. WordPress and Squarespace are no wonder the best forums where you can simply get opportunities to show your piece most decently. We will discuss the differences between WordPress and Squarespace and will understand the functions of their platform in this article. This will help us to choose the most suitable forum to post our content and blogs.

Squarespace vs WordPress

What is the aim of Squarespace ?

WordPress and Squarespace are completely different forums but they have almost the same motive. Both of these platforms function entirely differently. A Squarespace provides the bloggers or the writers with a platform where they can create their website using the available templates to engage many visitors. Many features and SEO tools are also provided along with the templates. Squarespace pricing is set most conveniently. You just need to pay monthly for the features and the templates you are using. Due to this, you are aware of what is coming to you are you are not kept in deception in any way. The in-house features are also offered within the required price budget. However, the features offered are limited to those in WordPress. Therefore, the basic function and motive of Squarespace are to help professionals in creating their website within less time and become a pro at it.

Aim of WordPress :

WordPress is a bit complex than Squarespace. You can choose this platform if you are a professional blogger. You need to create your preferred website. There are no templates available so you need to create your unique site. Due to this, you will have the ownership of the entire site or page you have created. It is a Content Management System, so if you are successful enough in managing your site then you will be the owner of all the WordPress blogs on your site.

User-Friendliness :

Squarespace is easier to use than WordPress. This is because it is a good guide for beginners as you can select your template for your blogs. You can even personalize them according to your preference. Just drag the template where you think it looks attractive. WordPress, on the other hand, requires some codes and inputs from a third party to create your site. This process can be difficult for those who are not tech-savvy and beginners.

Customization Control:

You can easily change the templates in a Squarespace. You can change the template if you do not like it or even personalize it. But in WordPress, you cannot change the template or customize it the way you want.

Response on Mobile :

All templates of Squarespace are highly mobile responsive. Every template is perfectly fit on your mobile screen so you can post your blog even using a mobile. WordPress is not highly mobile responsive because many themes cannot function on a mobile screen. Considering the above-mentioned differences, Squarespace is recommended for beginners whereas WordPress should be used by professionals or tech-savvy bloggers.

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