How to grow your business on Pinterest

Pinterest application has become the latest online platform for marketers to show their skills. Facebook and Instagram have been established sources for marketing but it doesn’t stop with them. With the current need for increasing your brand awareness, no side is left unturned. Pinterest is no longer just for personal use, there is an official website for those who want to join it for business use. Pinterest is booming with businesses trying to promote themselves online. The key to business growth through Pinterest is having a creative mind and being time effective. Knowing what users like and showcasing it in a way to get your point across is a difficult process. Not everyone can fully understand and acknowledge the effort it takes to do so. However, it can be made simple for you. There are certain things to keep in mind when focusing on the growth of your business on Pinterest.

  • Create popular pins

To get the users flowing in and increasing your followers, you need to have content which they can relate to. Use of popular and demanded pins will lead to a higher flow rather than using other pins. It is easy to decipher what things are trending and what are not so analysis can be made quickly. It is extremely easy to navigate through Pinterest for business. They give you a tool called Pinterest Analytics which allows you to see what type of content is effective and which is not. This lets you set what type of pins you require to be creative.

  • Use of aesthetically pleasing images

People generally stop and look at things which they find visually pleasing. The same ideology applies to someone scrolling through Pinterest. The images that you put up need to capture the attention of users and drive them to your profile. Everything about the image matters; the size, color contrast, and whether any faces are featured or not. People prefer lighter colored images more and pictures without faces. These are repinned more than those that have dark visuals and faces. To ensure proper marketing on Pinterest, you should follow what users like and want to see on their feed. This would also generate more followers for you.

  • Choose appropriate timings to post

For every social media post, a certain time is when users are most active online. Timings vary from one application to another and can be analyzed by searching for the time spent on each app. The exact time of high activity can also be easily taken out. For Pinterest, 2 PM-4 PM and 8 PM-1 AM are considered the best timings to market your business. Posts should be made during this time as it would ensure the engagement of users. The more users present on the platform, the more chances your pins will be viewed and repinned.

Pinterest has turned out to be a great platform to use for marketing purposes. Connecting your Pinterest to other social media platforms give you an edge as it increases your audience. Pinterest itself proves to have a great influence over your business online. Tools are available to enable you to grow your business, such as Pinterest Analytics.

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