How to choose the best autoresponder

Autoresponders are a great way to save time and cost as they help you in responding to emails automatically. Selecting an efficient and the best autoresponder has become a difficult task because of the vast number of them available online. It gets confusing to figure out which email marketer is suitable for you and your company. There are only some autoresponders that qualify for giving quality email marketing services, and today we are going to see how to choose the best autoresponder. Before deciding which autoresponder to go for, you should evaluate three things.

  • Work performance

This depends on the amount of experience that the company has had in this sector. The more the experience, the better the quality of work they’ll be able to provide you with. Your market efforts will be measured through how effectively you reach your subscribers. If the auto responder has the expertise, only then will they be able to be productive. Choose an email auto responder based on their experience and evaluate how they work to know whether they’ll be a good fit.

  • Authenticity

Before jumping in the bandwagon of recruiting an auto responder, make sure to assess their authenticity. Do your research and make sure that the company is known to provide quality work. The life of an auto responder is extremely important as that would suggest how well it’s known amongst email service providers. A company being in business for a longer period would be well associated with the likes of email service providers. This would ensure that your auto-generated emails don’t end up in junk or spam boxes.

  • Online presence

Does the auto responder you’ve chosen have a website from which you can access all of the information that you need ? If yes, then is the information provided on the website of quality ? Online presence is essential in the modern age. You can tell about the company’s quality of work through such platforms. Email marketing is a complex tool used for marketing. Go for a service provider whose website isn’t difficult to go through. This suggests that the company has the skill-set to manage your work in a clear and precise way.

The Best Autoresponder In The Market

There are various email marketing service providers available online. Some of the major ones include Aweber, MailChimp, Drip and GetRespond. These are all considered the most credible out of all of the auto responders available online. All these service providers have different features that give to their customers. Out of these auto responders, MailChimp seems to have a large market share. It has an extremely simple website and offers free signup to its users. MailChimp allows the user to make auto-generated emails based on certain activities made by the subscribers or specific dates. It uses triggers to start the automation of emails that are divided into different categories. These categories include campaign activities, audience management, workflow activity, e-commerce, integration, and date-based. These triggers help users to target customers based on specifications as mentioned in the categories. Auto responders such as MailChimp have proven to aid in the complex design of email marketing. Thus, stand as one of the greatest service providers available online.

Free autoresponders

If you are a beginner and want a free autoresponder, Mailerlite or Sendingblue will be your allies. They allow you to get a free answering machine within the limit of a certain number of subscribers. I find these solutions very practical and economical when we are in the launch phase. I therefore advise you to take advantage of these free platforms to build your mailing lists.

An autoresponder that stands out from the others

When I launched my blog, I was using Mailchimp then I wanted to stand out with a more feminine design and I discovered flodesk. It’s a self-responder that stands out from all the others on the market through the templates they offer. You can segment your audience, create a distribution workflow and also create landing pages.

Flodesk costs $38, but if you take it with my affiliate link it will only cost you $19 per month. At the moment I’m writing to you, it is possible to get 1 month free trial before you start.


You are now able to choose the best autoresponder for you. Which one did you choose ?

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